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The Tattooed Historian Show

Jan 15, 2019

What was life like for early 18th century, Germanic immigrants to Virginia? Where did they settle? Why? What were their lives like?

In this episode, I speak with Ashley Abruzzo, membership development officer at the Germanna Foundation. She has direct ties to these early settlers of what became known as "Germanna." 

Jan 8, 2019

I sat down with Jake Wynn, Director of Interpretation at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, and discussed a coal miners' rebellion in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania in 1862. Why would a rebellion among coal miners take place in Pennsylvania in the heart of the Civil War? Who was involved? How was it resolved?...

Jan 1, 2019

In "Episode 0" of "The Tattooed Historian Show," John introduces himself, how he became interested in history, how "The Tattooed Historian" brand was born, his thoughts on a "friction free" model for historical programming, and more!